Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Way of WingChun

A must watch documentary from the IAW. 

 We are Traditionalist

A functional self-defence art strengthens the ligaments, the bones and, of course, the musculature of the whole body. It is a fact that one has to strengthen and harden specific parts of the body to resist the initial collision of a real attack.

There is no doubt that if you do not strengthen you arms adequately you will never be able to defend yourself. Because we use our arms for both attacking and defending, the forearm bones and surrounding musculature in particular should be conditioned.

A few bruises in the beginning are entirely normal. It is no different if you are a man or a woman. Everyone has to go through it. Real ability is the reward. (Author - Sifu K.Brand)

International Academy of WingChun - Malaysia: 


  1. Thanks Sihing for setting up this blog. Looking forward to read more posting!

  2. Hello CN, thanks! As you noticed, not so many posts (but training become more and more interesting, that's the most important)

    See you next class.