Thursday, 25 December 2014

Feminized Society; the Decay of Wing Chuns.

This is the kind of remarks that can be found on internet regarding Wing Chun:

QUOTE(Arrio @ Dec 31 2013, 03:27 PM)
Wing Chun is always an interesting martial arts, the moves are so gently but deadly..
"And my sifu always said that Wing Chun is a female martial arts. Gentle and soft but yet deadly"

Some people train Wing Chun and assume that it is a female Art (?)

Ask yourself: "What kind of sick people can managed to spend time to learn useless gentle moves, believing in a female kung-fu style, and later on, in the street, still imagine being able to defend themselves?"

 > That is very deadly (suicidal) wing chun... That kind of people are "hard-core dreamers" (delusional)

For sensible people (with balanced hormones & complete brain functions), There is WingChun (Wing Chun as Combat Art) and it is available at the International Academy of WingChun.

Our next Event (here, in Malaysia) will take place in Kuala Lumpur, 29th of March 2015. It is a great opportunity for martial art's "dreamers" to discover that realistic Combat System (especially "Wing Chun") are not "soft systems".

Time to understand that, by Nature, there is no female martial arts (there is female practitioners indeed, some are talented, but they are an exception, a minority)

 Women who choose to practice martial arts have to adapt to a discipline which is Masculine by Essence. Wing Chun is no exception. Masculine, Yang > 陽 or 阳 [Chinese philosophy] positive/active/male.

From a Scientific, Philosophic, or Religious point of view, Martial Art is a male activity. Men and Women have their own metabolism, their own specific functions/qualities, They have also their respective social responsibilities and duty.

 Trying to invert those Values and Principles, (like some "modern Gurus and specific Media Mainstreams" try to do), is against Nature, an aberration.

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